Monday, October 27, 2008

Grilled Asparagus


1. Keep the aspargus away from direct heat. Don't cook on high!

2. The smaller the asparagus piece, the harder they are to turn with really large tongs! Look for long tongs with a smaller maximum opening.

3. You can coat and season all the asparagus bits together but be prepared to put them on the grill separately.


Cut the woody ends off the asparagus and compost.

Cut the tips off and separate from the stalks.

In separate bowls, coat asparagus with EVOO and generously salt and pepper.

Start grilling stalks first, for about five to seven minutes, turning a quarter turn every couple of minutes.

Add tips and grill everything for another three or four minutes, turning the tips once halfway, and turning the stalks one more time.

Serve hot.

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